NFL- Snow Report

North Shore Snow Conditions and Trail Report

From Thanksgiving until Easter [or later] you can find weekly snow conditions and trail reports. Find out about recent snowfall, trail conditions and suggestions for where to ski, snowshoe, snowmobile plus links to the weather and forecasts. Snow varies from less near Lake Superior, where the big lake keeps temps slightly milder to more as climb the ridgeline to most when you go over the ridge.

How Long is Winter?

Snowfall begins in November, coming and going and usually beginning to stick late in the month. Lutsen Mountains typically is open Thanksgiving weekend with a few runs and cross country skiers get their first runs in on the Onion River Road in Lutsen and along the Central Trail system up the Gunflint.

Trail / Snow Reports are listed below in this order;
scroll to see conditions – click on a link to learn more about trails

Final update of the 19/20 season

Cook County [from Caribou Falls Wayside northeast] has declared a State of Emergency. The County is working to prevent the spread of the virus and is keenly aware of the limited infrastructure in this rural area. The vast geographic region coupled with the higher-than-average population means any amount of the virus would strain the hospital and emergency infrastructure.

do not travel up the north shore

Be well, be safe, be healthy. Get out in your neighborhood and keep a safe distance from others.


Last Updated: 03-24-2020
Ski & Snowboard-Lutsen Mountains
Ski & Snowboard-Lutsen Mountains: Closed Last Updated: March 24 More Info
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Gooseberry Falls State Park
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Gooseberry Falls State Park: Closed Last Updated: March 24 More Info
Multi-Use Trail - Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
Multi-Use Trail - Split Rock Lighthouse State Park : Closed Last Updated: March 21 More Info
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Tettegouche State Park
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Tettegouche State Park: Open Last Updated: March 21

Snow Depth: 12" base and 30" snow depth

condition: poor
Ski trails are tracked and groomed at Tettegouche. They are in poor condition and are icy. Use caution if skiing.

condition: poor
Snowmobile trails have plenty of base, but have become icy as well. Please ride safely..
More Info
Ski & Fat Bike Trails-Flathorn Gegoka System
Ski & Fat Bike Trails-Flathorn Gegoka System: Open Last Updated: March 13

Snow Depth: 25" packed base

Conditions: Last groomed a week ago Friday. Tracks should be set but icy. Cold nights will mean great morning fat biking for a while. We will only be grooming and updating conditions when they are significantly improved for the remainder of the season. Thanks for a good one!
More Info
Ski Trails-Sugarbush Trails
Ski Trails-Sugarbush Trails: Closed Last Updated: March 24

Snow Depth: 107" of snow for the season

More Info
Ski & Bike Trails-Norpine
Ski & Bike Trails-Norpine : Open Last Updated: March 10

Snow Depth: 6-20" base

Conditions: 3" new snow in the past 7 days
51-74" total snowfall

conditions: good
Packed powder conditions

both trails [14k total] are rolled, combed and open with a 12" base
More Info
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Cascade River State Park
Ski & Snowmobile Trails-Cascade River State Park: Open Last Updated: March 19

Snow Depth: 5" base and snow depth of 24"

Conditions: conditions: fair
4" of new snow was packed and tracked on the east side of Cascade River.West side of Cascade River was packed and tracked March 16.Lakeshore Trail is open to hiking - please stay 6 feet apart on the trail.
More Info
Ski & Bike Trails-Pincushion near Grand Marais
Ski & Bike Trails-Pincushion near Grand Marais: Open Last Updated: March 21

Snow Depth: 15-19" base

Conditions: 2 to 3 inches of new snow on Thursday. All of our trails except Morris Maze and Hilfiker Hill were groomed for classic and skate skiing on Friday evening. As is typical for this time of year, skiing conditions are good immediately following a fresh groom, but will deteriorate as increasing temperatures and sunshine warm the snow.
More Info
Ski Trail-George Washington Pines
Ski Trail-George Washington Pines: Closed Last Updated: March 24
Ski Trails-Banadad Trails
Ski Trails-Banadad Trails: Open Last Updated: March 21

Snow Depth: 33" in the woods

Conditions: Skiing excellent.
Tracked Friday
More Info
Ski Trails-Central Gunflint Trail System
Ski Trails-Central Gunflint Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 9

Snow Depth: 13-15" base and 21" in the woods

Conditions: Snow in the last 7 days: 8"
Total season snowfall: 94"
Groomed with classic: 70 km
Groomed with skate lane: 64 km

Very warm temperatures over the weekend has us back power tilling trails again. We are still skiing and will for a while yet! Conditions are very fast and may be icy in the mornings on trails that weren’t groomed within the previous 24 hours. We will be grooming frequently to stay ahead of these freeze/thaw effects. Weather and the warming temps will dictate how much can be groomed each day.

Note: Grooming frequently occurs between the release of weekly trail reports. Expect trail grooming after every significant snowfall.
More Info
Ski Trails-Upper Gunflint Trail System
Ski Trails-Upper Gunflint Trail System: Open Last Updated: March 20

Snow Depth: 13" base

Conditions: A partial system re-groom was completed today with the intent to finish the rest of the system tomorrow. Stay tuned for additional updates as the season is winding down.
More Info
Snowmobile Trails-CJ Ramstad / North Shore State Trail
Snowmobile Trails-CJ Ramstad / North Shore State Trail : Open Last Updated: March 19

Snow Depth: 4-8" base and 13-36" snow depth

Conditions: Duluth to Laine Road was last groomed 3/11/20. From Laine road to Grand Marais we are planning on grooming Thursday through Sunday night. Expect Spring riding conditions which may include water on the trail and icy spots.

Conditions are FAIR near Duluth and GOOD on the rest of the trail.
More Info
Snowmobile Trails-Two Harbors Voyageur
Snowmobile Trails-Two Harbors Voyageur : Open Last Updated: March 17

Snow Depth: no current snow depth report

Conditions: Some good sledding out there still! We rode earlier today from North of Two Harbors to Silver Bay, Finland, Isabella areas and there was a fresh 2-3” of snow over a rock hard mostly smooth base. More snow in the forecast for tomorrow. We did meet a groomer near Finland too! Get out and enjoy the last few days of the season!
Snowmobile Trails-Lutsen / Tofte
Snowmobile Trails-Lutsen / Tofte: Open Last Updated: March 5

Snow Depth: 12+" Base and 15-32" of snow in the woods

Conditions: Winter still has us in its grip. The snowmobile trails remain in great condition. Base snow average on the trail is 12" unless you get very close to Lake Superior, then it is only 6" with some dirt showing. These poor conditions are only very close to the lake, within the first mile.
All services are still available by trail, you can ride right to the gas pump. Last night the report at our club meeting is that the trails could not be better. Grooming was completed last night, then 4-6 inches of snow fell on the fresh grooming. The off-trail snow remains deep but has set up hard. about mid-day it loosens up and then the riding is phenomenal. After sunset the trails continue to refreeze, allowing the groomers to work the snow. Winter is far from over, we traditionally receive large March snows. The days are longer and warmer and this is my favorite month to ride!
Snowmobile Trails-Gunflint
Snowmobile Trails-Gunflint : Open Last Updated: March 20

Snow Depth: 8+" base

Conditions: Good Afternoon Snowmobiling Friends:
Just a quick update on our side of this Covid-19 pandemic. Our CountyWe have had a great winter and hope to see you all on the trails next snowmobile season! FYI- Our restaurants, bars, liquor store and even some lodging are closed until further notice because of Covid-19!
More Info
Snowmobile Trails-Grand Portage
Snowmobile Trails-Grand Portage: Open Last Updated: March 14

Snow Depth: variable

Conditions: Due to the warmer temperatures the snow doesn't process through the drags bringing our grooming season to a close. The main trail from the Grand Portage Lodge to the Arrowhead Trail was done last night and is in good condition.


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