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Geology of the end of the Gunflint Trail

Date: August 12, 2022

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Event Description

Northwoods Class with John Craddock; $65 per person for the day

The class will begin with a presentation , then proceed in your vehicle to a few outcrops of the Archean Saganaga tonalite (2.6 billion years old) along the Gunflint Trail. This will be followed by two hikes, 3 miles on the Kekekabic Trail, a lunch break and 3 miles on the Magnetic Rock Trail.

Limited to 15 participants – you can sign up for the class on the Chik-Wauk Shop Page.

Also held October 1st

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Geology of the end of the Gunflint Trail
sparkling wintry lake superior and ice sheets stacked on north shore

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