kakabeka waterfalls ontario canada
Kakabeka Falls

So, this is the king daddy of all the waterfalls, height-wise, and it requires a passport. The spectacular 40-meter/131-foot “Niagra of the North,’ Kakabeka Falls drops precipitously into a rock-walled canyon.

The fall is within a provincial state park and includes a visitor center, camping, park store and trails. Note – you will going to another country, Canada, and returning to the USA, which requires a passport.

Kakabeka Falls is located in Ontario, Canada (Hwy 61 mile marker 151.0 +)

Option 1 Drive 38 miles north of the border, turn left on ON 11/17 for 16.5 miles.
Option 2 [backroads] Drive 24 miles north of the border, turn left on ON 130 for 3.1 miles, at the T, turn left on Barrie Drive for 1.8 miles, then right on River Road for 3.4 miles and right on for 1.1 miles, then left on ON 11/17 for 3.1 miles.

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