northern lights
Aurora Borealis or, the Northern Lights

Shafts of green light dance across the sky. Fans of pink glow for hours. Vibrant pulsating white wands illuminate the night heavens. This is the aurora borealis, one the most amazing phenomena you can experience.

Scientifically, auroras are created as gases on the sun’s surface release protons and electrons into space. Disturbances ranging from mild eruptions to violent storms emit masses of these atomic particles, which are attracted to the north and south magnetic poles. Aurora forecasting is a bit of a gamble, bu they are known to arise when sunspot activity peaks. Click on the additional info below for my favorite forecaster, choose the map that includes northern MN and if the forecast is 4 or higher, your sightings odds are decent.

Remember, in November it starts getting dark in late afternoon, so you don’t need to stay up late to view the aurora.

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