visitors walking the rock points of artist point in grand marais
Artist’s Point

Parking is on a tombolo, a spit of land that connects the mainland to an island, in this case Artist’s Point. Enjoy the cobblestone beach on the East Bay, then walk out to island, where you can follow the trail to the easternmost point for perspectives of the town and hillside from the water. Then head west to the lighthouse – this is definitely a hand-holding portion of the walk, or may not be a wise choice for all children. Remember the average temperature of Lake Superior is 42 degrees.

Looking for an in-town hike? From the parking area, follow the west side of the harbor, through town, picking up the sidewalk at the west edge of Harbor Park.  Continue just past North House where you veer south on the paved trail along the Laek Loop and walk to the far west end of the campground. Continue into the Sweetheart’s Bluff Nature Area for a moderate, but steep hike up Honeymoon Hill to Sweetheart’s Bluff.

From mile marker 109.6 on Hwy 61, turn south and drive the .25 miles to public parking.

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