Gunflint Lodge

Northern Lights

Nov 29-Dec 2, Jan 10-13, Feb 7-10, Mar 21-24
Around the time of the new moon, when the stars are shining brightly, we frequently get beautiful displays of Northern Lights blazing across the northern skies. The blue, green and violet hues dance across the heavens in a mystical way.  Of course we can’t promise a Northern Lights display every evening! But the new moon phase is the best time of each month for good viewing. With no light from the moon and no city lights to compete with, the displays can be breathtaking. And even if you don’t catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, the view of the Milky Way in the northern Dark Skies is incomparable.

Holiday Decorating

Dec 6-9 and Dec 13-16
The weeks leading up the the winter holidays we start to make the lodge come alive for the upcoming Christmas season. If Christmas is your thing you won’t want to miss out on this fun event.

The Holiday Decorating package includes: 3 nights’ accommodation in a lakeside cabin with fireplace, all meals, Wreath Making – One for you, one for the Lodge!, Cookie Decorating Kits (one per cabin), Special Naturalist Program – Nature’s Ornaments and Snowshoe and cross-country ski rental (weather permitting)

Howling with Wolves

Jan 24-27, Feb 21-24, Mar 7-10
Here in the Northwoods we’re the newcomers. The natives are the wolves, moose, deer, bear and other forest critters. A healthy pack of timber wolves lives nearby. Sometimes we can get them to howl back to us come evening, when the stars are shining or the moon is up. A call of the wild that never gets old. These packages are timed to coincide with the full moon for the best night-hiking experience. Our Naturalist will take you along nearby hiking trails through the woods to an overlook where he will start the howling. You’ll be able to raise your voice yourself if you like, and see if you can entice the pack to answer. In addition, he will lead a day hike into an area inhabited by the wolves. You’ll look for their tracks, scat and any remains of recent kills.

sparkling wintry lake superior and ice sheets stacked on north shore

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