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While the MN Stay at Home order is in place through May 18, I wanted to help you understand what North Shore travel will be like after that.

Covid Travel = Slow Travel

Slow travel is a wonderful way to travel. It is:

  • Unhurried, flexible, receptive, quality travel
  • Understanding and acclimating to your destination
  • Beneficial to you and to the residents

covid travel north shore

Slow travel is the realization that a very contagious virus exists and as such, it is choosing to stay home when asked, to not travel when sick, to be patient with the new way of doing things, to act with grace and humor when plans changes, to be compassionate and patient and generous.

What to Expect

North Shore businesses will open slowly. You may have been in and out of work, grocery stores, businesses, but we haven’t. We’ve been shut down and will reopen slowly, adjusting to what works, what doesn’t.

This may look like:

altered check-ins/check-outs to allow for new cleaning protocols

curbside only, limited menu and longer waits for pickup at restaurants
curbside only at all grocery stores in Grand Marais through May

limited customers in shops – perhaps no children or pets allowed

you may be required to wear a mask to enter a business

many, many events will be / are cancelled

trail use may be limited

some businesses may not re-open, some may have limited access, some may have limited hours

6′ distancing on sidewalks, in parking lots, at trailheads, at attractions, everywhere

what can we do?

slow down and roll with flow

travel prepared – bring the necessities and then some

make a plan that includes lots of options and go with what works

choose a lodging property where you can spend time versus a ‘place to sleep’ – for instance does it have a private deck?

plan picnics and pack a cooler ahead of time

choose to hike/visit at off-peak hours

find a spot on Lake Superior and hangout – here’s a list of 32 public access points

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Here are some wonderful places to stay . . .

a note from nina

late May

Governor Walz’s new order to Stay Safe encourages all of us to use common sense as we navigate the next phase of reopening. The order strongly discourages any nonessential travel. My interpretation is we all get to practice social distancing, wearing masks in public, and getting together safely in groups of less than 10, in our neighborhood.

See Which Lodging & Restaurants Are Open

– Nina


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