Whale Sightings


Each year we report the movements of the whales on Lake Superior. The reports are sightings sent by residents and visitors along the North Shore of Lake Superior. If you spot whale activity, let us know by filling out the form on the right! We accept photos, too! Confused? see the right hand column [desktop] bottom of page [mobile].

Check out this whale action from April 2019:

And check out this killer whale sighted right in Duluth.

Then check out all the North Shore Activities

Summer of 2020

– Alex

Nina Notes: Nice photo!

Mega Whale

He was a big whale that bounced up and spat at us. I have no picture but it was beautiful.

– Shawty

Breathtaking and wonderful

Went snorkelling with family just east of Schroeder in late October last year. We saw 2 Orcas (killer whales). One was giving birth. Absolutely amazing. This is God’s glory.

– Scott

Nina Notes: Isn't life grand?
dorsal fin of a whale on lake superior

Humpback mother and calf

We saw these two humpback whales (a mother and her calf) near Duluth last Saturday.

– Clara

Nina Notes: Thanks Clara!

Humpback near Taconite Harbor

We were checking out the boat landing to see if the ice was out yet and this beautiful whale came up just off shore!

-Ben M

cresting back of whale in lake superior

What?! They’re Here!

I was taking a drive along Scenic 61 and had stopped at Bluebird Landing to look at the lake. At first I thought it was a rock. Everything was grey that day. But then it disappeared AND CAME BACK!!

-Julia V

Nina Notes: Official 1st sighting of the year!
2020 lake superior whale

Mega huge whale

There was an amazingly huge whale in Lake Superior! The water came out of the top!! Amazing experience!!!!!!!!!

– a

A Mystical Encounter

I was walking ’round dat dere river and saw one of ’em. It was in the river! This happened and I saw it.

– Darrel

sturgeon in an aquarium

Right there! Duluth this past Saturday ?

Just passing through town. So surprised to see this. Lucky photo

– Kevin

Nina Notes: Lucky indeed!
cartoon whale and aerial lift bridge

Whale of a tale

Saw this whale at Split Rock Lighthouse while hiking yesterday.

– Ian

Nina Notes: Nice!
inflatable whale lake superior

Mother superior

I love scuba diving in Lake Superior. You always can swim with these beautiful whales. They are in all depths.

– A Local

Whale Soundings

Sadly, this winter I hadn’t heard any whales sounding under the ice here in the Hovland MN/Chicago Bay by the big dock like previous years. Apparently, they were hanging out farther down the shore at the west end of the county. Someone from down there posted photos recently.

– MJ

Spring Activity!

Took this just offshore at Surfside Resort


Nina Notes: ??
baby whale breaching on lake superior

April Fools!

Almost got sucked in..great one!

– Jacqui


I just read an article on google, called, “9 great whale watching places in North America”. Grand Marais has moved into the 10th spot!

– Randy

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