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Snorkeling Happenstance

June 29, 2016
While snorkeling off Grand Marais’ harbor, this past June 25th, we were startled to come upon a twain of whale romping in the shallows. We were able to snap a quick shot, capturing the blowhole, before the twosome took the plunge.

– Mary

Nina Notes: Outstanding Mary! You have our admiration for snorkeling in June, too.

I have not seen a whale yet

June 13, 2016
I hope I will see the migration soon

– Katherine

Nina Notes: We are seeing the whales in the Two Harbors areas now

I think I saw a beluga whale

. . . off Black’s Point in Lutsen


Nina Notes: It wouldn't be a beluga as that breed is not found in Lake Superior; good to hear they are moving up the shore.
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