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gooseberry falls

Just up the road from Two Harbors is the tiny burg, Castle Danger, whose moniker has conjured a number of theories, including that it was named after a boat, the Castle, that ran aground nearby or that the shoreline cliffs looked a bit castlelike, If you squint a bit. In just the right light. Whatever the namesake, this little burg is a nice base for hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, riding the Gitchi Gami Trail and rambling about Gooseberry Falls State Park.

You will find a few restaurants and gift shops, and a gallery to visit, too.

Mileage starts at the Duluth Lift Bridge

mile 30.6

Silver Cliff is the highest bluff rising out of Lake Superior. In 1923 builders carved Highway 61 out of the cliffside 125 feet above the lake. In 1994, after three years of blasting and the removal of a million cubic yards of rock, the tunnel was completed as a safer route. To walk the old route, park at the wayside rest on the northeast side of the tunnel and walk the half-mile paved path that follows the old highway bed at cliff’s edge. Take in the wide open views of Lake Superior.

mile 34.6

During a November 28, 1905 blizzard, the Pittsburgh Steamship Company lost two men and four ships, precipitating, in part, the building of the lighthouse at Split Rock. It was a dark and stormy night. With zero visibility, the captain had no idea where he was until he heard breakers hitting the shore. A few moments later, waves smashed her into offshore rocks. With no time to react, the Manila drove into the Lafayette’s stern, busting her in two in minutes. Both crews made it to shore.

Aren’t you glad you can safely whiz right through the Lafayette Bluff Tunnel?

mile 36.8

If you haven’t sensed the theme, yet, the North Shore has lots of tiny burgs. Castle Danger offers up pie, meals, and a little shopping to go with your history, geology, nature, and the Big Lake.

mile 39.5

For many this is the first big stop on their travels.  This four-season park offers accessible trails to rushing waterfalls, plus trails to through the woods, along the river and to Lake Superior; naturalist programs, biking, fishing, fall colors, birding, skiing, plus shopping, exhibits, restrooms, and visitor info in a firelit lobby within the Visitor Center.

Gooseberry Falls

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