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Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Top Facts to Know & Tell
  • Biggest of all the Great Lakes at 350 miles long and 160 miles wide
  • Largest freshwater body in the world
  • Surface area of 31,700 square miles
  • Contains 10% of the WORLD’S fresh water
  • Holds 3,000,000,000,000 gallons of water [3 quadrillion]
  • Average depth is 483 feet
  • Deepest depth is 1,333 feet
  • Length of the shoreline is 1,826 miles
  • Average water is 40°
  • Calmest months are June and July
  • Stormiest months are October and November
  • Highest recorded wave is 28.8 feet; unofficial wave height is believed to be over 40 feet
  • Last completely froze over in the winter of 2014
  • Average underwater visibility is 27 feet, and in places reaches to 100 feet
  • No tide but does have a seiche – oscillations in the lake due to natural disturbances such as a change in wind or air pressure

How do you get close to the Big Lake?

From southwest to northeast, here is a complete list of public access points to Lake Superior. With more than two dozen choices between the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth and the Canadian border, you never have to travel more than 15 miles to get close to the Lake.

north shore of lake superior

I saw one

We were up for fall colors and hiking Oberg and way out in the distance, you could a water spout. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but no luck. It was a great – fall colors and a whale sighting

  • Jody
Nina Notes: Sounds like the perfect fall day. Happy for you!