Covid Updates for the North Shore

can we come up the shore?

Yes! There is a Stay Safe order in MN, which means you should not travel if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who might have had covid in the past 14 days. It also means you should take extra precautions – bring hand soap, sanitizer, and bleach wipes. 

The state of Minnesota requires properly worn face masks indoors in all businesses and public places, in line to enter these places and outdoors where 6′ social distancing is not an option. If you have a medical exemption, contact the business before entering so they may accommodate you. For so many reasons, now is the time to practice patience and kindness. if you aren’t comfortable waiting, wearing a mask, being inconvenienced, dealing with changes in plans, you could be frustrated or disappointed during your visit.

**The US/Canadian border is closed until further notice.

what should we do?

I say Covid Travel = SLOW Travel

S… stay home if you are sick
L… leave plenty of time
O…options, have plenty of options
W … will my actions affect others?

Slow travel is a wonderful way to travel. It is:

Unhurried, flexible, receptive, quality travel
Understanding and acclimating to your destination
Beneficial to you and to the residents

Slow travel is the realization that a very contagious virus exists and as such, it is choosing to stay home when asked, to not travel when sick, to be patient with the new way of doing things, to act with grace and humor when plans changes, to be compassionate and patient and generous.

North Shore businesses are open, here’s what to expect

altered check-ins/check-outs to allow for new cleaning protocols

limited indoor dining, curbside pickup, limited menu at restaurants,
details here

limited customers in shops – perhaps no children or pets allowed

properly worn masks are required indoors, waiting in line to go indoors and outdoors when you cannot social distance

events are slowly returning, especially outdoor events

trail access may be limited due to usage

businesses may have limited access and/or limited hours

6′ distancing on sidewalks, in parking lots, at trailheads, at attractions, everywhere

pools and whirlpools may be closed

attractions may have limited capacity