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Blue Moon Supermoon Sturgeon Moon

Date: August 30, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Time: 8:00 pm - 6:45 am

Location: North Shore

Event Description

Once in a blue moon, a month will have two full moons, the second is known as the blue moon.  About 3-4 times per year we have supermoons – when the moon is closest to earth and appears the brightest, up to 30% brighter than other full moons. The Sturgeon moon happens every August as it is the month the Great Lakes Indigenous people caught this fish.

How often is there a supermoon on a blue moon? Hardly ever!

So get out and look to the night sky for this stunning phenomena.

** Note you can see an almost full, super, blue, sturgeon moon on August 29 and August 31, too.

Additional Info


Blue Moon Supermoon Sturgeon Moon


sparkling wintry lake superior and ice sheets stacked on north shore

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