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Author Meet & Greet: Polly Carlson Voiles and Consie Powell

Date: October 21, 2023

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Drury Lane Books

Event Description

Meet your favorite authors and get a signed book: Star Party.

When children and nature come together at the right moment, something magical happens. Join Nora and her grandparents as they gaze skyward and wonder: Who else is having a star party, just like us? From a little cabin on the edge of the wilderness, Grandma and Grandpa invite Nora to her first Star Party. This mysterious celebration happens after dark. Nora wonders: Can I wear pajamas? Will there be snacks? As Grandma leads the way on the forest trail, Nora discovers the wonders of the north woods at night. There are flying squirrels, calling loons, and hooting owls. But when Nora and Grandpa step onto the dock, she finds that the most dazzling sight of all is the night sky. Billions of stars glow above and are reflected in the lake below. Gazing up, up, up, Nora ponders the mysteries of starlight and stardust. And she thinks about how the night sky unites stargazers all over the world.

In Star Party, Polly Carlson-Voiles relates the simple joys of summer star-watching in a tale informed by years of camping and cabin adventures. Detailed illustrations by artist Consie Powell feature many night-loving animals of sky, forest, and lake, inviting readers to appreciate the vibrancy of the woods after dark. An author’s note highlights nocturnal creatures, constellations, and tips for observing the night sky, encouraging readers to learn more about nearby stargazing opportunities—in dark sky sanctuaries where the deepest nights are filled with the brightest stars. Come join the fun!

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Author Meet & Greet: Polly Carlson Voiles and Consie Powell


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