Outside the Box: Diversity, Language, and Bridges to Inclusion

Date: June 29, 2019

Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Grand Marais Public Library

Event Description

Minnesota author and trans activist Nate Cannon’s presentation, “Outside the Box: Diversity, Language, and Bridges to Inclusion” draws upon his experiences as an out FTM (Female to Male) trans man to address current topics in the LGBTQ community. Cannon mixes his personal experiences as a suicide attempt survivor and a transgender man living with an unseen disability into a broader discussion of identity and social equality. Differences within a community often generate fragmentation and weaken support systems. The LGBTQ community is not immune to this challenge to group cohesion.

Cannon explores the ways language can influence inclusion and offers strategies for finding support in a world increasingly defined by “us” and “them.” Cannon is an award-winning, nationally recognized public speaker on a range of topics regarding LGBTQ identity and community, including trans inclusivity, mental health needs, substance abuse, and how law enforcement can better manage LGBTQ special circumstances. His talks and consulting services are provided to government agencies, private organizations, law enforcement/corrections, schools, and universities.

Nate Cannon holds an MFA in creative writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is the author of two memoirs, Running on a Mind Rewired (2012), which was written under his former name, Jennifer, and Dying to Hang with the Boys (2019). His essay “The Invisible Man” appears in the anthology Queer Voices: Prose, Poetry, and Pride (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2019). All are held by the Grand Marais Public Library. Nate presents and provides training to groups all around Minnesota and the nation, ranging from students to
healthcare professionals to law enforcement/corrections.

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