miles of colorful maple hillsides at lutsen mountains mn

Wide open views of stunning – makes you stop talking/stop looking at your phone stunning – maple hillsides drenched in reds, oranges and a smattering of yellow. Plus you get to take a tram ride. An easy hike affords even more breathtaking views.

Ride the smooth, quiet tram down into the Poplar River Valley, over the river and up the east face of Moose Mountain, with Lake Superior views framed by the river valley. At the top, head to the chalet for 180-degree views of Lake Superior, the shoreline, and maybe on a clear, low-humidity day, the south shore of the lake. Hilltop trails [about a mile total] allow more perspectives on the lake views, and a stunning overlook gives 180-degrees northern views of maple hillsides.

You must purchase your tram ticket at the Lutsen Mountains office.

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