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tri-colored cobblestone bridge at tofte park on lake superior


See the Handmade Cobblestone Well and Bridges

mile 82.4

Tofte Park

Located on a quiet piece of Lake Superior shoreline, Tofte Park is a lovely spot for a picnic, a party (you can rent the space!), or hanging out watching the waves. Tucked behind the Tofte Post Office and Firehall, the park is noted for its two cobblestone bridges and a cobblestone wishing well that once was offered spring fed water. Take a closer look: the bridge has red, white and blue-grey cobblestones, brought in by fishing boat from nearby Schroeder in the early 1900s.

The park has a short paved path, an open log pavilion, picnic area, small playground and access to Lake Superior. Park land was donated by Elizabeth Tofte, the eldest daughter of original European settlers John and Cecilia Tofte. As she was still a minor, her father had to act as her legal representative. Her mother donated land for the nearby Zoar Lutheran church. And now we all get to enjoy it!


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